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Pricing Is Easy As 1,2,3...
Step 1...

Locating the septic tank & lids

If Nordic Pumping needs to
locate your septic tank lids:

It is the property owner’s
responsibility to know where
your septic tank lids
are located.

If you do not, then we
can help locate them!

We can usually locate your tank
using county records as part of the cost.

Step 2...

Uncovering Septic Tank Lids

If Nordic Pumping needs to
uncover your septic tank lids:

At Nordic Pumper we give our clients
the opportunity to save $$ by
locating & uncovering their lids
prior to our arrival. If all your lids
are exposed, then we don’t have to
charge you for additional time & labor.

The cost is $175.00/hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Step 3...
Cleaning The Septic Tank
If you have completed Steps 1 & 2 then Nordic Pumping will clean your tank for between $575 and up depending on travel time, weather and location of tank.

Septic systems that have not been properly maintained for a long period of time may incur additional costs for extra gallons and extra labor costs.

Neglecting the routine maintenance of your septic system may cause damage and shorten the life span of the system resulting in costly repairs.

Septic Inspections

Nationally Certified Septic Inspections: $625.00 and up.